Zeplin Car Mobile Application STUDY

We enabled the company to take its place in the mobile world by carring out Zeplincar Mobile Application studies. Our primary goal is to ensure that the infrastructure of the mobile platform works without any disruptions and that the dynamic sections work without errors. While presenting all the details of the company to its customers within the mobile application, we provide an effective formation in terms of both visuality and functionality. All services are actively working with the infrastructure we have prepared using React Native technology.


Taking into account the experience of the users in mobile applications, it is one of the primary principles of our company to produce an error-free work by making all the controls and publishing them. After the necessary experience, our team works at full capacity so that all add-ons and dynamic sections reach the result.

IOS & ANDROID Store Procedures & Management

All the applications we have developed on both Android and Ios platforms are published by our company. Relevant studies are actively conducted so that mobile applications can be found when searched with the necessary words in the store. The comments made for mobile platforms are also followed and the necessary information for the brand owner is made at the same time.