Başhan Bakliyat Social Media Management

We offer a complete social media management to Başhan Bakliyat brand, not only by sharing, but also by creating content, video production, photography, campaigns, advertising management and monitoring.


REACH ALL USERS WITH STORY ADVERTISING. Story Sharing, Advertising In the story sections, which are getting more and more interaction compared to the post shares, we share not only the shares but also the advertisement contents specific to that part. With these ads, users can also access your site directly. Post Sharing, Advertising We get to know the brand in the best way as much as possible and prepare post designs in a way that will attract the expectations and interest of the target audience, and share them at the hours when the most interaction can be obtained. We design the posts that we will publish as advertisements separately and report their conversions. Video Contents We do create not only visual but also video content and share them as posts and stories. Video content now gets more attention and conversion than visual content. We prepare short and effective video posts that do not bore the user and maximize your interactions.

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