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Social media, which has penetrated into our lives together with social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, is seen as a very important tool recently. Such applications, which play an essential role in reaching tens of thousands of people, can also play a role in brand development. Due to its involvement in our daily lives, all companies assign much more tasks to social media agency work. We are actively advancing our Waterlife social media management efforts and endeavoring to make the company exist in social media.


REACH ALL USERS WITH STORY ADVERTISING. Story Sharing, Advertising Instagram, which is used mostly as a photo and video sharing platform, continued to work as a new advertising tool since 2015, when it was transferred to Facebook. Thanks to Instagram ads, users on social media are transferred to the right channels with behavioural targeting. Don't you want to manage your potential customers correctly via Instagram ads? Performing a performance assessment with a wide range of targeting options is a professional job. We carry out the works impecably by ensuring that Waterlife social media story sharing and advertisements reach their potential customers by broad targeting. Post Sharing, Advertising Post shares of brands are carried through by professionals. In this study, brand details are taken and the details of the brand are considered. In addition, the arranged posts are created in accordance with the norms of platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. In ad sharing, systems are created by expert teams in order to ensure that potential customers reach them in the most effective way while creating a target audience. You can understand how social media provides efficiency when used effectively by experts. Moreover, you can amplify your customer base by ensuring that the channels with increasing users are managed by experts. By providing Waterlife post sharing and advertising management by our expert team, we have ensured that their work is carried out by competent people. Video Contents Social media posts are not only limited to post sharing, but also can gain more interaction with video shares. It is possible to establish a dialogue with consumers through channels such as Instagram, Youtube or Facebook. Thus, we increase customer dialogue by preparing effective visual materials in terms of digital strategies of brands with professional video sharing. Video content created with professional editing and production services is delivered to your customer portfolio with the right targeting. We meticulously created Waterlife video contents and brought them together with customer potential.

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