On the Trail of the Tree
On the Trail of the Tree




Yıldız Integrated Web Site, 360 All Digital Works; The Adventure of First Place in Tree

Trail Yildiz Entegre, which has managed to make its name among the best in the wood products sector with its global production activities, has transferred its service activities from natural raw material resources to natural habitats to its projects without losing its environmental awareness and sensitivity, and this has contributed to the company to take its place in the sector to the top.

Yildiz Entegre's software, web design, SEO studies, social media services, software, web design, social infrastructure support is at the stage of conveying the details of many services and projects they have brought to you with the understanding of "don't let what we produce today consume the future", to announce them to a larger mass, and to meet your expectations. We cooperated together in media consultancy, brand and logo design and mobile application projects. In the Golden Spider organization of Turkey's Independent Web Awards, which was held for the 19th time this year, with our “Tree Trail" design, magazine, newspaper, with Yıldız Entegre, where we won the "People's Favorite" first place in the blog category, we once again proved our professionalism via the quality of Arma Digital.

While we desire to make the digital platform an active market for companies with our slogan "We fight for your brand", we also aim to raise your brand among the best in the sector through the strategy and technological infrastructures we have developed. We carry visionary businesses to the future with our 360 digital services, Social Media Consultancy, Google Ads Advertising, E commerce, Corporate seo, Software, Server, Web design, Hosting and Domain projects, and we run professional works with optimum cost. By integrating the trends of the digital market that we follow into our services, we create designs and projects that are rising, highly discoverable and appealing to large mass, and we show our difference with our references.




Responsive, Mobile Compatibility

The enhancement of mobile devices as technology and the unstoppable increase in the number of active users of the mobile internet have had an impact on accessing websites from mobile devices and tablets after 2010. As of 2020, this rate has exceeded the number of desktop visitors. For this reason, websites need to be advanced in accordance with all mobile devices and tablets. Just like in Yıldız Entegre web design work.


On the Trail of the Tree
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