Marmara Birlik
Marmara Birlik

Marmara Birlik Corporate Website

Marmara Birlik, for which we made their websites in 2014, continued to receive services from our agency for the e-commerce site we built afterwards and many digital works. At the beginning of 2020, they again preferred our agency for website work and mobile application development work, and as the first stage, we launched their website. While entering this content, Marmara Birlik site was completed on 05.06.2020, but mobile application studies are continuing. The mobile applications we developed with React Native will be available in stores as soon as possible.


Responsive Web Design and Browser Compatibility

The enhancement of mobile devices as technology and the significant increase in the number of active users of the mobile internet have had an impact on accessing websites from mobile devices and tablets after 2010. As of 2020, this rate has exceeded the number of desktop visitors. Therefore, websites need to be developed in accordance with all mobile devices and tablets. Just like on the Marmara Birlik website. 

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