Titiz Plastic
Titiz Plastic

Titiz Plastik Website and Mobile Application Development

Our cooperation with Titiz Plastik, one of the pioneering brands in the plastic household appliances industry, which we started to work on in 2016 for responsive website work and server services, continues today within the scope of "Arma Digital 360". Subsequent to the web design work was completed, we proceed to work as a social media agency and as of today, all digital work is carried out by our agency.


Responsive Web Design and Mobile Technology on Websites

The improvement of smart phones and the inordinate rise in the number of active users of the mobile internet have made an impact on the entrances to websites from mobile, with an increasing line after 2010. As of 2020, this rate has exceeded the number of desktop visitors. For this reason, websites need to be developed in accordance with all mobile devices. Titiz Plastik website shows the best display and usage performance on all mobile devices and tablets thanks to its mobile compatible web design work.

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