Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning
How Does Your Brand Reflect Your Business?

Creating a new brand or moving the existing brand to unimaginable spots requires serious planning and process. At this point, Arma Digital has worked to create hundreds of brands from scratch or bring them to better places since 2003. As Seo Agency, within the scope of these studies, market research, target audience analysis, user habits, competitor analysis, S.W.O.T analysis, trends, sales reports, etc. We draw up a plan and process based on many headings and share it with our customers. If you want your brand to be in esteemed place and to increase your sales, it will be enough to contact us at the Social Media Agency. Leave the rest to our team :)

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My Unique Brand

01. My Unique Brand

At this stage, we pay attention to the following; It is to ensure that the brand has a distinctive feature in the minds of its customers and is integrated with this feature. For example, the Volvo brand security; It is positioned on its feature and is remembered securely in the memory of its customers. The importance of the positioning strategy reveals the significance of the company from the first moment it carries out its activities. Along with the brand marketing positioning, it sheds light on the sales and marketing strategies of the products. After the study, the products and services offered to the market are of vital importance for the company to take further steps. Incorrect brand positioning means a serious loss to the company. For this reason, this study should be carried out with a specialized team.

I'm Sending Location :)

02. I'm Sending Location :)

Brand positioning involves a comprehensive study of how brands appear in the minds of their target audience. In this process, first of all, the companies themselves are examined in detail. In the second stage, competitor and sector analysis are carried out. Then, a feature that has not been used before in terms of its competitors is diagnosed. After a detailed examination of the target audience, the angle of positioning the brand is shaped.