Brand registration

Brand registration
Have You Still Not Registered Your Brand?

After digital became more common in our lives, it became inevitable for brands to become widespread and reach even very distant places. This brought with itself the problems of counterfeit or stolen trademarks. Arma Digital has registered more than 2,500 trademarks since 2005 with its own trademark attorneys certified through its other brand and company, ARM Patent. If we had applied to brands or counterfeit brands like the honest trademark registration companies of the wild west just to make money, this number would exceed 5,000 :) For Corporate Seo, you can go to the relevant page.

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What is Brand?

01. What is Brand?

It is the signs, products, letters and shapes that distinguish the goods / services of a company from other processes. Trademark registration in Turkey is taken by the Turkish Patent Institute. Individuals or companies can apply for a trademark themselves, or they can make transactions through a trademark attorney. However, in terms of expertise, it would be best to carry out the transactions with a trademark registration company in order to make the trademark correctly and to run the trademark process properly. Trademarks are protected by the Decree Law No. 556 of the Right to Protect Trademarks.

Why Trademark Registration Should Be Done?

02. Why Trademark Registration Should Be Done?

Trademark registration protects the products and services of the trademark owner in terms of imitation. It also prevents the use of registered logos on other products. Apart from that, It provides protection against sign hanging, printing and digital publication of registered trademarks by persons other than the registration owner. It gives the right to be compensated for the imitated products and services and to stop the production or service.

Brand Classes

03. Brand Classes

Brand classes consist of 45 classes. You may need to use one or more brand classes for the services and products you make. This will be provided by the brand representative you work for. Click the link for brand classes.