Corporate Website

Corporate Website
We Design Websites that Best Mirror Your Company Digitally.

The web page is the marking tag and signature of a brand. The way to prove its quality, prestige and reliability is through the professionally prepared Media site. Whether it is an institutionalized or a small-scale business, an online network where they can share their promotions and services up-to-date will contribute to the representatives taking great steps towards accelerating their branding and services. Of course, this goes through a professionally prepared corporate website design. So, how should the Corporate Website be? Being noticed on the digital platform and staying in the foreground is the most essential criterion. Therefore, a logo prepared in accordance with its original design and format should be the first detail that catches the eye on the page. The content of the graphic plan should be arranged in a way that reflects the brand in the best way, effective briefs should be placed on the page and thanks to the SEO optimization made, the brand should be in the first place in the search engines. While trying to increase the quality of the site by using SWOT analyzes, fast server, multi-user and active interactive surveys in order to further expand the customer volume; mobile compatibility, accessibility in navigation and maps should also be regulated. A quality web page that also provides the visitor with the opportunity to shop online, thanks to secure virtual posts, should, in short, meet all the expectations of the representative and the user. Corporate Website Agency Istanbul Turkey

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01. Projecting

All work sections related to the project are shared, and the project process work is carried out by associating the departments with the right people.

Content Studies

02. Content Studies

By agreeing on the brief work, the work on creating content suitable for this skeleton work is started. content is created and transferred to the relevant team in a specific directory.

Effective Brief

03. Effective Brief

After sharing the SWOT analysis result we have prepared for you, taking your opinions on this matter, and obtaining information that requires expertise in the sector from you, we will create the skeleton of your website in cooperation.

SWOT Analysis

04. SWOT Analysis

First of all, a market situation research is prepared for the website, which is the showcase of the brand in the digital environment. We will highlight these points on your website by determining your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats for you when compared to your competitors. By highlighting the most important elements of your products or services, it is aimed to express yourself better and to be ahead in the digital environment.