Let's choose the most suitable domain name for your brand together

If you have a new brand idea, choosing a suitable domain name is very important. Just like the brand, the domain name should be memorable. As of 2020, most of the known extensions have been taken and it has become more difficult to find suitable domain names. That's why many brands have turned to alternative domain names. Here, let us support you in choosing the most suitable domain name for your brand. In addition, which other extensions you need to get, which extensions represent which domains, what is the status of that domain name in Google is very important in these matters. So what we mean is not a situation where we can say let's buy a domain. :) There is a lot of detail even on this subject.

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How Should a Good Domain Name Be?

01. How Should a Good Domain Name Be?

Nowadays, when buying a domain name, short, catchy, and generic words are preferred. The first extensions that come to mind are extensions such as .com,, .net, .org. Corporate companies generally use these extensions. Apart from these, extensions such as government sites university sites .edu associations and foundations .org are used.

Your Domain Names Are Safe

02. Your Domain Names Are Safe

Since the Internet came into our lives, one of the biggest problems of all companies is the domain purchase and tracking. Because "first come, first served" in domains and "annual renewal" has system. For this reason, many companies have either not been able to get their domain name from the very beginning because of someone else's early action, or have lost it to someone else because they missed the annual period.