Haven't Taken Your Place in the Most Developing Trade Market of Recent Years?

Now, almost all brands have started to take part in digital markets and shift their investments here, as well as store and field sales. If you have an e-commerce site and you can't get the efficiency you expect, let's take you to our digital marketing department and let's bring your e-commerce site to a better place in digital. E-Commerce Seo. We regard as possible, but if you still want to be an e-commerce site and you do not have an existing e-commerce site, then we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible. How will you survive in the wild west if you are slow :)

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Corporate Website and E-Commerce Together

01. Corporate Website and E-Commerce Together

if you say that introducing my corporate company and selling my products, but, packaging e-commerce is not suitable for this, you are in the right place, if you say it is suitable only for product sales. Instead of e-commerce modules with many features, we do offer online sales by integrating our own CMS into a design suitable for your corporate identity, in order to establish an online sales system for products that will introduce you. By doing that, instead of managing two separate websites, we offer you the opportunity to meet all your needs with a single website.

Have Your Website Everywhere, Sell Your Products Immediately

02. Have Your Website Everywhere, Sell Your Products Immediately

Arma Digital, with a team of 40, can provide effective consultancy in all areas in the digital environment. In addition, we can provide information, presentations and applications about all products of Social Media Consultancy and Google AdWords. Launch and PR work are among the services provided by us in order to increase the awareness of your brand and to improve your customer portfolio.

Let Your Products Reach Through Search Engines!

03. Let Your Products Reach Through Search Engines!

The most important point we pay attention to, while developing our e-commerce systems, is search engine compatibility. It is literally essential a criterion for search engines that visitors to your website spend time on your website, examine your products and look at your images one by one, in short, spend time on your site. User experiences are a very important element for e-commerce systems. Our e-commerce system continues to be developed with an emphasis on these criteria. For these reasons, our link structures, keywords, page titles, description and categorization logic are exactly as search engines want.

E-commerce site

04. E-commerce site

In general, there is bundle sale in the e-commerce market. However, our preference and approach are to make a unique presentation of each product and product group and to design accordingly. When a food vendor and a furniture vendor use the same infrastructure and design, stereotypes can result. At this point, it can be a result of success or failure in this job. Our professional graphic designers aim to reach the most accurate result by listening to you. A broad perspective applied by a professional touch can also produce very different results.