Fast, Seo Compatible, Secure Buting Hosting for You.

Enjoy a special hosting and mail service with the corporate hosting service provided by the own servers of Arma Hosting, another brand of our agency. Through the hosting service that we provide with SEO support, high security and performance that is well above the average, your website and e-mails will work without any problems and will not cause you to disrupt your work. As Arma Digital, we do all the digital work of brands, so it is our first priority to work on websites and e-mails. Otherwise, our customers will not be able to get efficiency from our work, and we will lose them. All the cowboys in our team are aware of this, don't worry :)

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Linux Hosting (Php Web Hosting)

01. Linux Hosting (Php Web Hosting)

It is the web space that should be used for websites with PHP software and MySQL database. You can access your data retrospectively with your files that are backed up regularly with the processes you specify. Thanks to our advanced antivirus defined system, your e-mails and files are secured. You can even reach our Linux Hosting support team quickly and easily to solve your questions and problems. We do not include individual hosting on our servers. We protect your files by hosting only corporate hosting domains.

Windows Hosting

02. Windows Hosting

For ASP.NET, ASP and SQL Server users, your full performance working area will also be the stepping stone for you to reach your full capacity efficiency goals in your workspace, which works seamlessly through its high security feature. Keeping your files and e-mail backups on a regular basis can be offered as a solution tool for the problems you experience in terms of business. In addition, the security of your current system and information will be ensured with the advanced antivirus installed on your e-mails. We offer you boutique hosting services by providing hosting services only to corporate customers. With the support of our support team, which you can reach at any time and easily, we solve the problems that may occur in a minimum time.