Logo Design

Logo Design
These days when simplicity is at its peak in designs, simplicity is not looking easy.

Many companies in Turkey have their logos made with a simple letter system in printing houses etc. However, in this way, since there are too many logos on the market, it minimizes memorability. Pay attention in the field where you provide your service, you will observe that the logos of many organizations that provide the same service as you are of very poor quality. Especially if the organizations that own a website have a poor logo, it has a negative effect on the visitor. Because people who do reach you through the website do not trust you, because they do not familiar with you. In terms of digital agency, this trust can only be achieved with a corporate image. In this corporate image, the logo takes the biggest denominator. Logo design Agency Istanbul Turkey

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Represent you everywhere

01. Represent you everywhere

While designing a logo, it should not be thought of as a structure that appears only on a business card. For instance, it should be very striking and clear on a glass or a hat. It will be beneficial for you to pay attention to these details when making a logo.

Stay in mind!

02. Stay in mind!

Logo design is one of the most essential factors in terms of memorability of your brand. Therefore, amateur logo designs create negative, not positive, effects on your brand. In corporate identity work, all colors and works are shaped through the logo. The logo is the face of the organization in the market. Arma Web graphic design team has done logo work of many brands with professional logo design.