Media Purchasing

Media Purchasing
Publish Your Special Ads On Branded High Visitor Sites.

Now is the time to come out of our shell and open up to the outside world. We have developed, produced, institutionalized and now it is time to appeal to larger masses. We need the help of media buying agencies in order to publish advertisements in the right channels at the right time, both in online channels, in social media or in search engines, and in order for the message to reach the consumer promptly and in a way that can be recycled. So, what is this Media Buying? Regardless of the purpose of branding, increasing sales, creating social awareness, introduction or advertising, information that is not transmitted correctly from its source cannot reach the target. Here are the ads under the guidance of media buying agencies; It aims to reach the right consumer with the right steps, the right timing, and the right budgets. Media purchasing companies, which provide the opportunity to publish the message in the most common platforms with optimum profit and minimum expenditure, as they constantly follow the advertising strategies and format, carry out these works under the headings of planning and purchasing. In media planning; What is the introduction for, who is the target audience, when, in which time interval, in which environment, advertisement promotion should be made, etc. are the main headings of the planning. Media buying; It carries out activities such as publishing and following this activity for a certain budget and preparing a recycling report by comparing it with other equivalent advertisements. In both stages, the purpose of the source is; Its popularity is increasing, reaching remarkable levels and large audiences. Media Purchasing Istanbul Turkey

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Anywhere your target audience can be

01. Anywhere your target audience can be

If you do run social media ads, Google Ads and SEO, but you want to reach a lot more audience, then it is definitely suitable for you to work on news sites and other sites with high visitors. Arma Digital can make these media purchases on your behalf from the media channels with which it has a contract and can carry out all your work together with advertising setups.