Seo (Google Optimization)

Seo (Google Optimization)
Corporate Seo Study Specific to Your Sector and Brand

The digital platform is now in every aspect of our lives and right next to us. In search engines, where even the smallest detail turns into a wide ocean, reaching information is only as far as the keys at our fingertips. Whether it is prestigious or not, websites must go through a professional SEO study analysis in order to be in the first place in browsers dominated by every sector, to reach the user quickly and to gain a popular identity. So, what is SEO and what does it do? Website users; In order for them to highlight their corporate identity and reach a wider visitor portfolio, they need a web page that is compatible with Google algorithm and arranged in line with SEO criteria. Links prepared with SEO optimization; It can be easily detected by bots, via the use of appropriate metadata and URL structure, search engines can recognize the site better and direct the visitor to the right page. In the Seo Optimization criteria; It is ensured that the information transfer within the site is carried out in an enlightening and comprehensive manner. Searched keywords are placed on the page appropriately so that visitors can access quality and accurate information faster. The images used are satisfactory, clear and prepared in real terms. Great care is taken to prepare user-friendly pages where text, color, background harmony, integrated with the page, originality is at the forefront. Theme, content, keyword usage, clean code, speed and even the use of backlinks take their place in the first place in search engines thanks to these internal and external SEO studies and analysis. Seo (Google Optimization) Agency Istanbul Turkey

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Seo Agency

01. Seo Agency

The process of SEO study is not remotely similar to the SEO study of a company with a few keywords, very different criteria come into play. Here, on-site SEO and coding play a very important role. Detailed examination of a project, detailed analysis of the content given in the project, adding it in accordance with the SEO in the contents to be added later, etc. Attention to details is required. For this, entrust your project to someone who has done numerous project SEO work before. You can review our SEO page specific to your project.

Corporate Seo (Special to Your Industry)

02. Corporate Seo (Special to Your Industry)

Websites reach the popularity that they are no able to reach naturally through SEO studies. The way your company can be found on the internet is through good Search Engine Optimization. If you want your company to reach popularity, you should definitely get SEO service. Search Engines evaluate the popularity of a website through the increasing number of organic users, natural and quality backlinks (links) gained with the information shared about the site. The focus should always be 'authenticity' on websites with SEO work. An inauthentic work will not benefit your website. On the contrary, it can cause it to get stuck in various algorithms. For details, you can visit our Corporate SEO page.

Google and Yandex Navigation Registration

03. Google and Yandex Navigation Registration

Being registered in navigations is important for SEO studies in terms of being found on the internet. Not many people know this detail, but Google cares that the company connected to that site is registered in the navigations in order to trust the websites. This is where an important factor comes into play, matching the website with the company during the registration process. For this, it is important that experienced and expert people do this while registering.

Registration to Search Engines & Directory

04. Registration to Search Engines & Directory

Search engines and directories are very reliable resources to gain backlinks and become widespread on the internet. Many of these resources are free. However, the important thing is the details to be considered when registering to these sources. Keyword choices, titles and articles describing you are the subjects that need attention in this registration process.

Quality and Real Backlink

05. Quality and Real Backlink

Many websites that are penalized (banned) by Google are banned because they receive links from websites marked as spam by Google, which we call black links. Backlink is the most sensitive work of SEO study. It are able to spam your website, never to appear again. For this reason, our team can provide reliable news etc. by Google. It makes in-article link work through sectoral sites. This will ensure that your site has quality and real backlinks. Click for backlink analysis, review your site's link status.

On-Site SEO Work

06. On-Site SEO Work

In addition to external SEO studies such as identifying keywords, linking, registration to search engines, server speed and ping times, in-site SEO work is just as important. As a matter of fact, SEO studies can be divided into two categories, one is external SEO study and the other is on-site SEO study. On-site SEO study is to do SEO study on a website with hundreds of different criteria. Keyword distribution, in-site links, original content, title, meta, etc. Many criteria go into on-site SEO work. Click for more detailed information about on-site SEO work.