Dual Xeon Processors and 256GB Ram?

Meet with a hassle-free and performance service with VPS, VDS and Co-Location server services all over Arma Hosting's servers. Server maintenance in our agency, which works with more than 800 brands active in hosting and server services; support services are also supplied by our system engineers within our own structure. If you have a website with high visitors or heavy mail usage, hosting will not be sufficient for you. It is enough to contact us so that we can help you choose the most appropriate server service for you by measuring the potential. Let's take you like this :)

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Windows or Linux Vps

01. Windows or Linux Vps

Vps (Virtual Private Server) are the types of servers where dedicated servers are used by dividing them into sections. It can be installed as Windows or Linux depending on the situation your system requires. They are your own small server types that you can access for the installed system. Thank to this, you can work independently with your own and isolated disk space. In addition, through the control panel, you can monitor your system in detail.

Windows or Linux Vds

02. Windows or Linux Vds

Via the VDS, virtual dedicated server system, created by the hardware division of the main server, all the possibilities of the main server are offered. Our specially optimized system, operating systems and programs work at high performance. For the VDS system, we provide services in Europe or Turkey. Windows Vds or Linux Vds are prefered depending on what your system requires. Thanks to its high antivirus program, high protection is provided.

Co-Location / Server Hosting

03. Co-Location / Server Hosting

With the help of our Co-Location service, we ensure that your current server is hosted on our system. This hosting option can be provided in Turkey or Europe within the scope of your request. Trouble-free operation and safety in the system where we carry out installation, maintenance and support works are the issues we are sensitive about. At the same time, all your problems are quickly resolved with our technical team, which you can easily reach.