Social Media Consulting

Social Media Consulting
A Social Media Agency That Does Its Job Precisely

Social media management; It is among the latest services to join the digital agency industry. We started with only web design and hosting services in 2003, and then started to offer social media consultancy among our services for the last 6-7 years. Currently, we provide all social media management of more than 20 brands with our own team. Furthermore, we not only manage the social media accounts of the brands we work with, but also provide content production services. As a social media agency, the most common complaint from brands is "we would share this too", it is not possible to make it to our team :)  Social Media Consulting Agency Istanbul Turkey

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Online Reputation Management

01. Online Reputation Management

We provide analysis and reporting on all kinds of comments about your brand on social media, and we support online crises by taking precautionary measures.

digital PR

02. digital PR

We increase the digital value of your brand by doing special studies on social media phenomena, bloggers and youtubers.

Creative Solutions

03. Creative Solutions

We offer creative ideas for your goals and business plan and grow your brand.

Digital Media Planning

04. Digital Media Planning

Planning, optimizing and targeting the creative targeting process of your ads on social media.

What are we doing?

05. What are we doing?

Arma Digital supports you in the process of reaching the right target audience and reporting by determining your brand's marketing strategies in social media. We do the best in social media consultancy.

The Best Strategy for You

06. The Best Strategy for You

We create your brand's strategies in digital channels, plan advertising campaigns, share them using appealing visuals and show these shares to the right target audiences that we have determined beforehand. It is important for us to be able to use all social media effectively and to make the right analyses and use our advertising budget in the healthiest way without wasting our advertising budget.