System Server

System Server
For Performance, Security, Accessibility and More.

Our agency, which provides this service through our servers with the Arma Host sub-brand, provides server, mail, system, ssl certificate, firewall security, ddos protection, etc. many system and server services of more than 800 brands. Hosting, vps, vds, co-location hosting options to its customers offers more boutique and warm service than hosting companies. Our servers host 3000+ websites, 50,000 e-mail addresses and still run at 20% of their speed and performance capacity.

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Support Maintenance and Security

01. Support Maintenance and Security

" We can provide dedicated server installation in Turkey or Europe. We provide instant replacement when any part breaks down on servers that are regularly maintained as well. Our company also offers you the Co-location service with quality and confidence. Co-location server system, on the other hand, covers the hosting, installation and support of your existing machine in our company's system. Our VDS and VPS studies are carried out in Turkey and Europe. "

The Importance of Server Configuration

02. The Importance of Server Configuration

" It is very vital to create the right server solution as to data security and data management. Having retrospective backups of your company data, smooth operation of your existing system and easy accessibility when needed in terms of server support means that companies work efficiently in their business life. Following determining a server, we first examine your existing system in detail. Then, we create the system that best suits your needs and specify your server. Furthermore, we take care to ensure that the management of this created system is easy and without any disruption. After the established system, we are always available in terms of support and we increase your productivity with immediate intervention. "