System Support

System Support
System Support in Certain Periods & Special Situations in Your Company

In addition to hosting, mail and server services, Arma Digital IT department also provides on-site system support to many brands it is in cooperation. Furthermore we provide a comprehensive system support service such as security, maintenance, backup service, diagnostics, hardware support and licensing of computers and in-house servers. In fact, making a system support agreement in order not to disrupt your web design works will solve the problem of detecting the problems that may arise in advance.

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Our Expert Team

01. Our Expert Team

With the support of our expert team in the field, we provide 24/7 support by e-mail, telephone and on-site support. The work we have carried out for many years has enabled us to offer you high-level engineering services and high-tech solutions.

Hassle-free Infrastructure

02. Hassle-free Infrastructure

Through IT support and consultancy services, it is ensured that the technology in your structure is upgraded or the new technological systems are adapted to your IT infrastructure, and the most seamless and fastest support is provided to the system created.